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The Q Factor

The Q factor 2020 beginsWatch & call to be part of this year’s contestants For the live call in auditions Call south London stud...
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Generation Y

 A youth show lead and chaired by teenagers, having a joke and a laugh asides this show is ideal for teens wanting to have a say or...
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Key to Paradise

A series of episodes covering the Aqaaid (belief of a Muslim) with verses from the Holy Quran with translation in English, covering...
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Just Law

Live program hosted by Ilyas Bulbulia every Monday 6-7pm, General Q&A on matters that relate to new legislation, old and curren...
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Iqra with IQRA

Rayan Mahmud hosts the session of live calling in the program and correcting the recitation of the participants. Also, the program a...
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Prophet of Mercy SAW

A short series recorded on the life of the blessed prophet Mohammed (PBUH) for the younger generation with basic facts, events and s...
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Khasail-e-Nabwi SAW

It is a program in which Moulana Abdul Raheem Limbada walks the viewers through the Hadiths of the book of Shamaa’il Tirmidhi....
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Q & A

Q&A Live Program presented by Moulana Fazal Dad 7- 8pm (Mon- Tue) Moulana Ashfaq (Thru – Fri). A program which invites it...
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Real Talk

A show that tackles real, current and diverse range of subjects inviting specialist guests in the show, a discussions and interactio...
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We daily encounter questions about Islam and the responsibilities of a believer in today’s world.How to tackle islamophobia and what...
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Tafseer Izhar ul Quran

Tafseer Izhar ul Quran consists of 10 volumes of Qur’anic commentary and word by translation and interpretation in Urdu. Izhar ul Qu...