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IQRA TV (Sky Channel 742) was established by Imam Qasim Rashid Ahmad in 2009 with the sole purpose of providing a much-needed broadcast service to Muslims in the UK.

In the years since, IQRA TV has fast become one of Europe’s most popular Muslim channels, and the channel of choice for the UK’s thriving Muslim communities, with its unique blend of programming which includes religious and educational content.

But our reach stretches far beyond the UK with our cross-platform web streaming – enabling loyal viewers around the world, wherever the internet reaches, to watch their favourite shows on-the-go. This easy access streaming was an early offering within IQRA TV’s innovative outlook to programming – with streaming now having become ubiquitous industry-wide since then.

IQRA TV’s programme base addresses contemporary issues for Muslims trying to balance religion in the modern world – allowing us to have built up a diverse and loyal following amongst British Muslims. Unique audience-driven and participatory programmes give viewers a new, engaging, perspective on how they see Islamic television.

The Channel also showcases Al-Khair Foundation’s work, as it delivers emergency and developmental aid to the world’s most needy. Live appeals and exclusive on-the-ground documentaries illustrate the plight of the world’s most disadvantaged – direct from the epicentre of conflict and disaster-affected zones. This keeps our viewers informed and able to support our charitable drives with confidence.

At IQRA we believe in providing our viewers with the very best TV experience. This means offering the best for viewers of all ages: From educational content for children, to programmes which address contemporary issues for global Muslim communities.

The reach for IQRA TV in the UK extends to virtually all households, thus making IQRA TV one of the most popular TV channels for the UK’s 3.4 million Muslims.

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