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Dear Viewers, The greater your sacrifice the greater their Eid. The largest Qurbani provider on behalf of British Muslims * 100% Qurbani delivery guaranteed * We have our own farms, so our animals live well * Please support our daily Qurbani appeals to benefit over 3 million people from the healthy animal’s meat on your behalf: Cow, Goat, Sheep and Camels. Help us to deliver even more this year. I would like to request you to go for the best options rather than the cheapest one. After all, it is all about the greater sacrifice and please donate towards cooked meal and Frozen Qurbani meat and ready to eat meals for it to reach out to the people in urgent need. May ALLAH (SWT) accept your donation and Qurbani (Ameen)* INTERACTIVE: Follow - * * * watch us live on * Keep watching IQRA TV **


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Beautiful recitation of the holy Qur’an. Quran Recitation by Shaykh Huzayfah. Daily recitation of 1 Juz from the Glorious Qura...