Iqra MCR

IQRA: MCR-Master Control Room

MCR-MAster control room at IQRA TV is where all the switching from camera to camera are coordinated..
Master control is the final point before a signal is transmitted over-the-air for terrestrial television or cablecast, satellite provider for broadcast.

Here we are responsible for monitoring the quality and accuracy of the on-air product,ensuring the transmission meets government regulations, troubleshooting equipment malfunctions,
and preparing programming for playout. Regulations include both technical ones as well as content ones.

Playout-In broadcasting, channel playout is the generation of the source signal of a television channel produced by a broadcaster direct-to-audience distribution via the network.
IQRA TV Playout is a multi-channel playout that generally uses broadcast automation systems with broadcast programming applications.
We provide deterministic control, enabling frame accurate playback, Instant replay & video switching.